Llaves, New Mexico

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Horsemanship lessons provided for parents as
well as children.  This is a vacation for the
entire family.
"Being at the Starry Night Ranch was a great
bonding experience for the family"  
Llaves, New Mexico
"We all rode our horses - as a family!!"

1. Can beginners attend?
Yes, beginners are welcome. Please complete the
horse experience section of the registration form so
we can get a better idea on how to assist during the

2. Are boys and girls allowed to attend the camps?
Yes, both can attend. We have separate sleeping
quarters for boys and girls.

3. We have a food allergy is that a problem?
Please let us know during the time of registration if
there any unique food related issues and we will be
happy to accommodate them.

4. Do we need to bring our own saddle and
additional tack?
We provide all the tack you will need, but you are
welcome to bring any tack that you own. We do not
take responsibility for any damage to your tack
during the course of the camp.

5. What are the sleeping arrangements like?
We have 3 rooms that sleep up to 4 kids each or 3
adults. But on average we like to keep the camps to
only 6 people. The rooms include a mix of bunk beds
and queen size beds.

6. What ages are welcome at the camp?
Ages 10 and up are welcome to come to the kids
camp. Ages under 10 must attend the camp with the
supervision of a parent or another adult. Most
children under the age of 10 attend the family camp
with friends or family.

Child: $975/week
Adult: $225/day with our horse
$175/day with your horse

Price is all inclusive
(lodging, horses, food, lessons, trail rides and
horsemanship education)

A completed health and release form is
required before coming to the Starry Night.